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Aluminum Stair Fabrication

Aluminum Stairs Fabrication

Miracle Welding Inc. specializes in the custom fabrication of aluminum stair and handrail. We believe in the value and convenience of these durable, adaptable structures as well as our expertise in precise manufacturing.

Aluminum Stair Fabrication

Aluminum Stair Fabrication

Aluminum stair have significant advantages to consider. Some of the major benefits of aluminum stair include:


Aluminum stair is 30% lighter than similar stair made from steel and this lighter weight makes them easier to assemble, disassemble, and relocate.


For maximum cost efficiency, aluminum stair are usually constructed from 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6. This also reduces any necessary long-term maintenance costs.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminum is endlessly recyclable, which means the lifecycle of the material really never ends. Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever made is still being used.

Aluminum stair is easy to install because they are constructed to code before they are ever installed. They are also designed to be easily adjusted to meet local code variations. Since they are so much lighter in weight, they are much less expensive to ship, further lowering costs.

When comparing stair, here are some key features of aluminum to consider:

Aluminum is remarkably stable and will never rust, warp, or rot in dry environments. Its superior corrosion resistance occurs because aluminum forms a thin oxide layer when exposed to oxygen in the air. Since this layer forms naturally, it is able to self-repair when there is damage. It also provides superior paint primer adhesion compared with other bare metals.

Miracle Welding also fabricates aluminum handrail in different styles. Some are decorative, but most are primarily designed for support and to prevent falls. Handrails are mandatory for safety and in conjunction with guardrails can prevent falls on landings, platforms, decks, and porches.

Stair Fabrication Capabilities by Miracle Welding

At Miracle Welding, we manufacture aluminum stair and handrail that meet or exceed all OSHA and ADA requirements. OSHA requirements include:

  • Handrail must be adequate to prevent falls when held
  • Stairways taller than 30″ or with four our more risers must have at least one handrail
  • Stairways shorter than 44″ also must have at least one handrail
  • Railings must be anchored to handle a minimum of 200 pounds and be 30-37″ high, with at least 3″ of clearance all around.

We also adhere to the following ADA requirements:

  • Stair above 6″ must have handrails
  • Handrails must be 34-38″ above the stair tread and continue along the full set of stair
  • Handrails require a minimum 1.5″ clearance from nearby surfaces
  • Gripping surfaces on handrails must be unobstructed along the top and sides
  • Gripping surfaces and nearby areas may not possess sharp edges or rough surfaces
  • Handrails must extend at least 12 inches beyond the top and bottom of the stair

Aluminum Stair and Handrail from Miracle Welding

At Miracle Welding, we offer custom-built aluminum stair and handrail. We are certified in MIG, TIG, and arc welding and we are an affiliate member of the American Welding Society. We are meticulous about being fully compliant with ASTM, OSHA, ANSI, and ASME requirements for quality and safety.

For more information about our custom welding capabilities or to request a quote, contact us today.